Looking for a team (Hotlapping mainly)

Hey there,

Recently I have been getting back into Forza after a short hiatus, I’m much more comfortable hotlapping, and have got a a fair few top 50s in the world.

I would like to get more into online/Leauge racing like Delta and ORL, however I don’t have the confidence to go against names I know as being quick, as I don’t want to hold them up, even if I’m just as fast as them.

I’m not too picky about teams, as I’m an unknown name in the community, but I hope you consider me as a good addition to your team in the hotlapping community.

-Morvir (Alex)

Good luck. Hotlap community is dead with rivals being limited.

Since Rivals Times were cleared, I’ve been using that for practicing my racing events.
You can choose whom you want to race against or watch their replay to see their racing line to get those fast laps.

It’s fun to get in the top 100 until all the fast guys start back.