Looking for a car club to join

hey guys im a new forza horizon 3 member but ive played all forzas since forza 3 so i know my way around these games. im looking for a group or just some cool people to play with on xbox one so if you own a club or just want a game hit me up. my gamertag is Mute X Shadow

Hey there Assassin, I am CJ and I have a Club I am building up. We have about ten or so members as of now. kind of hard finding new people to join, but here’s an invite for you if you’re still looking. Below is an overview of the Club. Look forward to having you join, Happy Hunting.

Forza H3 Club Name: UGAlliance Car Club, in-game
Region: North American based, however we are not limited to North America.
In-game Club Tag: UGAx
Platform: PC/XB1 - Crossplay so why not.
Age Requirement: 17 or older
Mic Required: Optional
Open to public: Yes
Club Activities: Free Roam, race, cruise, practice drifting, drag race anything our little minds can come up with.
What we’re looking for: Like minded members, from casual to hardcore drivers, that want to play in lobbies and have fun.
Weekly Car Meets: Yes (Optional to join)
Required to join website: No
Website if interested in joining, NOT REQUIRED: LINK:—> United Gamer Alliance <—However, it would be ideal