Logitech G920 - Wheel not turning fast enough for drifting

Hey everyone. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to drift in Forza 7 Motorsport using my G920. The wheel doesn’t rotate on it’s own and it feels all stuttering. I got the Logitech Driver installed on my PC:
Logitech Driver Settings
I’m german, so I’m trying my best to translate settings:

  • Sensivity 50%
  • Wheel Rotation Angle 900°
  • Activate Force-Feedback Center-Spring in games (unchecked)
  • Power of the Center-Spring 10%

When I go ingame, I go on Settings > Controller > Input > I choose the Logitech G920 default. Now I press advanced:
Ingame Settings Page 1
Inner Deadzone Steering
Outer Deadzone Steering
Invert Steering
Inner Deadzone Accelleration
Outer Deadzone Acceleration
Invert Accelleration
Inner Deadzone Brake
Outer Deadzone Brake
Invert Brake
Inner Deadzone Clutch
Outer Deadzone Clutch
Invert Clutch
Inner Deadzone Handbrake
Outer Deadzone Handbrake
Invert Handbrake

Ingame Settings Page 2
Outer Deadzone Handbrake
Invert Handbrake
Vibration Sensivity
Force-Feedback scale
(Now it’s getting hard) Alignment Torque Scale
Mechanical Caster Scale
Pneumatic Caster Scale
Road Feel Scale
Load Sensitivity (Lastmepfindlichkeit - sry I don’t know how to translate this one)
Wheel Damping Scale
Center Spring Scale
Dynamic Damping
Sterring Sensivity
Sterring Linear
Invert Force Feedback
Use Gamepad-Controlfilter

I tried like 20 different Settings I found online, none of them felt like it would be possible to drift. So my wheel doesn’t turn back on it’s own and it feels like the turning speed of my wheel is way to slow for drifting. I really hope some of you can help me to find out what’s wrong. I bought Forza some time ago, but I never could really enjoy playing it.