Logitech G920 - My Experience - Edit Inverted pedals update

Hello guys n Gals.

I have recently bought my first ever console and bought the Logitech G920 to play FH4 on and thought I’d share my experience.

Out of the box I found very little settings needed to be changed and the driving experience was good apart from one major issue, the brake.
I had read that others had experienced this issue and read all of their fixes but nothing was allowing me to acheive full braking or atleast 50%. I decidied to do the pedal mod where you open up the pedals and removed the rubber dampener.

Opening up the pedals was a sinch and I must say the internal build quality was very good and a simple process. I now have a fully operating brake pedal.

I dont believe all users need to remove this and think it may be a design flaw with this rubber peice as it is rectangular in shape and I believe mine may have been installed incorrectly. I couldn’t be bothered testing this theory but wanted to share my experience in case others are having the same issue with their G920.

Happy Driving.

Hello again,
Well my G920 experience is getting better and better by the day from reading advice on here and tweaking a few things myself.

What I would love advice on now is what headset to get. I have an XBox one S, G920 wheel and a 60" LCD with a JBL soundbar currently.

I use my smartphone and xbox app for party chat but having one ear an earbud in I lose some of the game sound and as I’n new to consoles what headset would give me the best experience so I can use party chat and hear the game directly.

My budget is under $200 AUD.

Thank you.

FYI I bought the logitech G433 and work quite well but no surround sound but that’s ok for the price (under $100). I wear these for about 2-3hrs at a time and they dont get uncomfortable or foul with my glasses.

So I decided to invert my pedals to give me a better feel and experience.
I found this on YouTube and bought the instructions and templates for about $3. Took me a few hours to cut, drill and construct but the end product is awesome.

Highly recommended.
Logitech Inverted Pedals

Manual and Templates