Loading times after upgrade to ultimate

I recently upgraded my standard edition to ultimate and have noticed a significant difference to the initial load time.
With the standard edition, I could continue to load the game in seconds, but with the ultimate edition I’m left looking at a rotating Senna for over a minute…
I’ve attempted a reinstall and the behaviour is exactly the same.
Is this a known issue for PC installs?

Yeah, i have same problem for month or longer. Still no fix.

Probably taking longer to load since there’s more DLC it has to verify that you own. If it’s doing it through the Microsoft store, it’d explain a lot

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Thanks for the replies.

DLC verification does sound like a possible cause…

Hopefully it’ll get some attention soon.

Try to deinstall the car pass. This helped a friend of mine that had this issue. And he was able to still use all the cars.