Little bugs that need fixing.

I’ve been playing this since day one and there’s a few little bugs that I hope can be fixed. The 1st one is when you go to buy a car there’s nothing to show what you already own, but if you go into your garage all the cars have a garage symbol in the bottom left of the picture. Also, when joining friends on multi player and there are two groups, I can’t choose which group to race with (I possibly need an invite). Lastly, (for now) some cars have an upgrade/tune path that makes them uncompetitive in the class they start in or the one above (personally I keep cars in class if possible) like the Ferrari 458 Italia or the RUF cars, can they be that bad in real life!!?

You definitely are not the only one noticing this as before the forums changed their looks, there were probably massive amounts of posts asking for this.

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