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I watched the 1st place in the Rivals Qualifier at Monza and all 128 spots for the Elite Series are from people cutting corners and the game still thinks it’s alright.

I find that really unfair and unrealistic, if there could be a way to delete those times or make solid barriers where all the top 128 players are cutting corners.

It’s really unfair for others who drive between the lines and clean to have a chance at the Elite Series.

As the name says, Elite Series, I don’t see pro drivers cutting chicanes. Please help.


Taken from another thread

Pro drivers will exploit as much as what is given to them. In this case, you are allowed to cut certain corners per game rules, and the pro forza players are. If you don’t like it, don’t race. Simple as that


In other words - you’re encouraged to cheat. Just like in major league sports, if you want to compete you have to take illegal performance enhancing drugs. The days of apple pie and honest competition are dead.

If the developers of the game don’t recognize it as cheating, you had better start practicing your corner cutting.

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There’s nothing dishonest about it. It’s guys finding the fastest possible line around the track. Which happens to include driving over some kerbs etc. You are free to drive the same line if you like. And honestly it’s really not that much easier as you can still dirty the lap if you don’t hit the cuts just perfect.
One other thing. You could put up barriers or whatever you like. Wipe the leader boards and start over. But I promise you,those same guys at the top now will be at the top with the new barriers. Not because they are “cheating” but because they are extremely fast and know how to find the fastest way around the course no matter what the track set up is.


It’s not cheating if it’s withinn the rules of the game. The game says it’s clean so it’s clean. Is it stupid that you can cut these corners and still have a clean lap? Sure. But if you want to blame someone, blame Turn 10 for being lazy and doing nothing about implementing proper track limits even though this sort of thing has been pointed out since launch.

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Alright that’s all i need to know

You can call it cheating, but at the end of the day someone will be driving home in a new Ford while all you have is the pride in knowing you didn’t drive over a few kerbs.

I don’t think I’m gonna die if I cut a corner or two in order to go for the prize, especially considering the game allows it.


If anyone wants to see the referenced video, here’s the link:

I couldn’t find a YouTube link, so that’s the best I can do. Regardless, it’s a textbook example of race stewards (which, in our case, would be T10 staff) deciding what is legal for the event. At this particular race at COTA, the stewards said anything outside the corners was fair game, so the drivers took advantage of it. Those drivers were competing for winnings - did you see any of them stay within the track limits designated by white lines in order to feel good about themselves and maintain a near meaningless amount of integrity? No.

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I pretty much figure it’s lead by example … T10 needs to decide how they want their game to be played in the community and if T10 is going to allow corner cutting and participate in it themselves then why worry about barriers on any track and why worry about what is sportsmanlike conduct in online play?? <— not meant toward the OP ;o) that’s directed at T10

It’s definitely not cheating or modding and it’s in the field of play but it does promote a problem for online players where one can cut and win a race and not have run clean against the other players intentionally on a track where cutting is dirty.

I guess that leaves it up to players to be a sportsman on the track with other racers and it boils down to who will follow the example to cut corners at any expense where it’s clean vs where it’s not or where it’s not acceptable.

The game allows it because it’s broken or unfinished. These lines are just ridiculous and have nothing to do with motorsport. People are now trying to justify their ridiculous lines with negative examples in RL (race at Austin: http://www.motorsport.com/imsa/news/track-limits-at-austin-where-is-the-line/ )This was an absolute exception, at least I hope so, and I think it’s too easy to blame only T10. Someone started the cutting because there’s no morals. The Monza rivals event could’ve been a clean and fair event. People without principles chose to destroy it. Cudos to the JSR guys who chose not to take part, although their top guy was the master of corner cutting in previous events…

You can’t expect nearly 4000 people to stand on the moral high ground with you and protest against forza by not taking the cuts. 24 people who know each other would do this in a race but not on the lb. T10 are the only people to blame they created the game, they fixed the game and failed. Monza will not be used in the 1v1 because of t10 mistake which they have publicly appoligised for.

There is mixed views from JSR, some are not taking part because of the cuts others because the cars a dog. I myself have done a time but I hate the car so I’m not going to try and get any higher up the lb. I used the cuts and so long as it’s a clean lap I will continue to use them. All that really matters is the top flight all do the same and they are it’s really up to them. It would be totally different if no1 did the cuts but 2 to 20 didn’t. But I’m guessing like myself your not really in contention for a top 20 spot so why on earth does it bother you what there doing. Just look at it this way. Your in a queue of 20 people at McDonald’s. The first 10 are all pushing each other out the way to get there food first. Does what there doing effect your postion in the cue?

At least 5 threads containing the same debate which is a copy from the Lambo series, and yet no change in status or any concessions to the other side/camp except T10 that apologised and cleared the way forward. Perhaps it’s time then to stop all the griping and to move on to the next round at Cataluny or wherever it is. It really gets boring to read the same arguments on every second thread.

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What do you do when somethings on TV that you have already seen…

I buy a new TV.

English is not my language but “the moral high ground” seems a little bit disparaging to me. The top guys would be on top anyways, so why all this cutting? I don’t get it.
You’re right, I wouldn’t be in contention for a top 20 spot, maybe not even for a top 100 and I wouldn’t have taken part anyways because i’m barely playing Forza, and it doesn’t bother me that much. I’m just a bit disappointed because I would expect from hotlap clubs to have more of the “spirit of motorsport” which includes fairness and respect for track limits…

Edit: Another thing is the contradiction. Countless people are complaining about corner cutting in leagues. Now how can you expect the average casual player to be respecting what is considered to be general consensus in racing after watching all the replays? This is just a fail in being an example for those who don’t know anything about racing…

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No one is to blame except for T10 and their half hearted attempt at track limits.

Don’t really agree with comparing that COTA race to justify cutting though, they were going wide on T1 not completely cutting 3 chicanes.

I think in view of all the complaints about people cutting the hell out of many tracks, the faster guys should be an example. There’s actually absolutely no reason for someone new to the franchise to learn how to race properly when their “role models” act like this. It’s really shameful because there’s no need to cut corners because - as I said earlier - the top guys would be on top anyways…

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So when it doesn’t make any difference it’s just a waste of time even thinking about this…

It’s never a waste of time to promote fair play and morals on track, and it’s never a waste of time to point out the discrepancy between what’s being said or what people were complaining about lately and what’s happening on track.
I also want to stress that I’m not salty about this at all. I’m just speaking my mind…

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It’s not a race with others on the track, it is about the personal best laptime. So, no i don’t agree with you