Leaderboard questions.

Not so long ago, my friends and I would race in whatever classes (usually lower to mid classes E, D, C, etc…) and after the race we could see where each of us stood in that particular class on the leaderboards. Now when we do the same exact races, the leaderboards only show the fastest lap times (P and X classes) no matter what class we used.

Also, are we not able to race against ghost cars for lap times anymore??

Any ideas whats going on? Obviously some changes were made…

You have to go into rivals to put up a time in the E-X classes. It will not count in a race. If however you put up a time in the homologated hoppers or leagues during a race those times will count on separate homologated leaderboards that you can only see after a race or by checking in free play. They claim to have made this change to have pure times.