Lancia beta montecarlo turbo gr. 5 incorrect information on post

In this article it states that the 1980 spec lancia beta montecarlo turbo gr. 5 “delivers nearly 400 hp to the tarmac.” this is incorrect as in 1980 the car was upgraded to 470 hp from the 1.4 litre. i really hope the car has not been incorrectly powered in the game. i have been waiting a long time this car and actually guessed it in the thread. this needs to be changed and if in the game it has 400hp it needs to be changed instantly. if this is wrong i would also suspect the weight is also wrong due to development changes. in 1980 according to lancia releases the car weighed 780kg. i really hope you haven’t slipped up on this.

Yes, we know. Please do not start new threads on this subject.

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