Lancer Evo 8 facial issues

Ever noticed how the Evo 8 face is kind of poorly designed? The only time I’ve seen a good facial on the Evo 8 was in Horizon 1. Hope Turn 10 can see this and fix it cause everytime I see my Evo in Forza 6 it looks so weird from a front angle view. Specially the headlight section and that gap between the bumper and hood.

I always find the Bugatti EB110 model to look very cheap and plastic in recent Forza games, really sub par to all other cars. Let’s hope it looks a bit better in FH3.

That doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is the sub-600 hp. Its really funny that a civic with a V6 allmotor fully upgraded reach 600hp, but the evo turbo barely pass 550hp in FM6. My evo did 420hp’s on a green turbo at 24psi, 4 psi more than stock. My friends drive 800+hp evo’s. At least give us a 775-800hp evo. Sadly the EVO on the game are slow and don’t have that fun feel when you drive one, subaru’s beat them and are more dominant in FH2.

Here’s a video of one of my friends with more than 700hp.

Don’t forget the 700 HP Skyline R34 now lol and the Supra that cant hit over 1000Hp

I wish #turn10 could see this. Please bring back the design of the Lancer Evo 8 from Horizon 1 into Horizon 3. I don’t get how you guys could make a mistake on the car design like that, not to mention the elongated tail lamps of the Golf R32. I know it’s silly to complain about this but please fix it if possible

There are a lot of inaccuracies on various models, its just something that never gets any attention, so don’t hold out for anything to change.

A few cars off the top of my head that have issues.

Mk2 Golf GTI
Mustang King Cobra
Porsche 919
Peugeot 908 (both years)
'04 Impreza
Corolla AE86 (correct in FM5, messed up in FH2, FM6 and FH3)
'14 458 GTE
'77 V8 Vantage.
VW Corado
Avensis NGTC

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Wish Turn10 would fix this for Horizon 3