Killing Time 'Til Release - Your Plans For The Night!

Hey everyone.
Just starting up a new thread right now for people looking to talk and kill time until the midnight release of Forza.

What are everyone’s plans to pass the time??

I personally am settling in for a night of Top Gear, it’s on pretty much all night. Time should fly now!.. Right?

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Packing up my apartment to move to a house. Already hooked up my t.v xbone stereo got the WiFi working. Fell like a kid have been this pumped for a game in a long time.

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Do you get Horizon 2 tonight?

I’m in the UK so I don’t get mine for another 3 days, it really really sucks. People from France are playing FH2 right now on my friends list, I almost want to remove them just so I don’t get wound up and jealous haha! =(

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Yeah we get it at 12 EDT so that will be 11 for me, digitally. It’s quite dumb that people in other parts of the world must wait longer for a game, it lets others get headstarts and puts some people at disadvantages.

Watching mightycarmods and listening to some music :slight_smile:

Canada has the same release date as the states the 30th sep

Chiefs versus Pats should end right around midnight.


Watching Forza Horizon 2 gameplay on youtube on NukemDukems channel lol

Sleeping seems like a pretty good way to pass the time.

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been playing games all afternoon but time seems like it stuck and not going by fast enough. I want midnight to hurry up and get here so I can enjoy a nice cruise in southern Europe!!

I will probably have a few beers and watch the Chiefs game


Well, I was just cruising around Colorado in a Country Squire while listening to Toots and the Maytals.

But then I got bored after the 24th song ended.

Guess I’ll just watch TV now.

I wish it was Tuesday.

Well I went from watching Top Gear to now recreating Monza with slot car track because I am extremely bored hahaha.

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There is a bar 30 ft away from my GameStop… I’ll be there waiting.

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Literally just installed the BMW M6 Coupe DLC along with my ultimate edition, so i’ll sleep on the couch until my ringer go off for 11pm.

Letting my girlfriend who just got back in town from a business trip catch up on all of her DVRed shows.

She’ll be asleep before midnight, though. Haha.

I will play a video game until midnight Eastern and then play a video game after midnight Eastern.

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I really wanted the pre-order from MS and a disc copy, so I will be playing a game, then sleeping and going to work tomorrow because the game won’t be delivered until between 1 and 3 pm tomorrow. :frowning:

It’s worth it for a car I actually want though.

Watching the Patriots game of course! At this point I’ve just been staring at the clock the whole game.

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Haha I have it on while playing a little destiny with some buddies. Chiefs are all over them right now. 303 yards total through the half already.