Just unlock all the exclusive cars.

Forza Horizon 3 is basically “End of life” so why not just unlock all of the exclusive cars now?

The game is still on sale, but new players have virtually ZERO chance of ever collecting a full set of cars.

Seriously, apart from greedy scalpers charging 20,000,000 CR for rare cars in the auction house, who really cares about keeping cars locked when Forza Horizon 5 is coming next year?

It’s not like the cars in a video game have a real world value, or any sensible reason to hide them from everyone… Can’t really wave your epeen on a 12-player server after all.


I hope they do, but I doubt they will.

I’d love to buy all DLCs. I just can’t. It really sucks. I’d be willing to pay even more than what was originally charged for them. Only got to know about FH/FM about 2 months ago :frowning:

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They should just unlock everything for those who have the game, it makes no sense to keep the content locked up now.

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I completely agree. I just got into forza horizon because I tried 5. I loved it and wanted to try the rest of the games. I went and got physical copies of them just to see I can’t purchase the dlc. The games don’t make it easier as they sit there and advertise the content in the pause screen but can’t buy it. Why not just make it available since I is not gonna be sold anymore. I would love to buy the content if I could. Want to play the extra content

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