it would be nice as a parting gift to X Box 360 players !

Since Forza Motorsport 4 download content is gone forever…can we at least get a Holiday car for Horizon 2 …like the Chevy Monte Carlo SS, 50 Mercury 2 door or Lamborgini SUV …because the X Box One version has more cars…or at least let us import the Fast & the Furious cars into our garages…and make them able to be customized…especially the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner…I know my words do not mean much because you are moving on to Forza 6…the years of building on a title for 2 or 3 years is over and the loyalty to the last platform users is not profitable for your company as far as the corporate executives are concerned…all things considered …it has been fun playing the games on X Box 360…and hopefully I will finally get to purchase a X Box One in a few months.

I cant agree more, Im on XB1 and I am grateful, It is not like your suffering though, What sucks is 30-40 cars may be missing, but 30-40 more cars are DLC on XB1, and this company indeed does not care about past games, I am buying Motorsport 6, but im not sure if ill go on past that until this company is more friendly to their customers in need of help.