It made me miss jade statue

Now i can’t seem to go back and do it. The statue is not there. How can i reset this mission? I will uninstall and refund the game before i delete my saved game.

This is a game breaking bug, you can not do anymore expeditions unless you can do this. Is there no support for this game?

things like jade statue/gold statue/get to the top of the temple etc, are ‘optional’

nothing is locked or lost by not doing them.

how do you know exactly that your next expedition hasnt unlocked?
at what point in the game are you?

well yes, but actualy no… completion of the achievement card is lost,
anyway if its still possible a pin it and “track”, jade statue probably should remain to time when we complete the task…
i guess its bug (or script imperfection) that despawn statue after complete challenger, aven if task with statue arent fullfiled

//edit: nevermind, it possible to replay whole expedition