issues with g920 only in forza7 (windows 10)

FFB works 100% NORMAL in EVERY other game i play. issue is ONLY in FM7
what i have tried so far:
reinstalling my drivers.
reinstalled fm7. all 100gb
contacting numerous tech supports. all patched me to someone else who they ‘was sure could help me’ except none of them did.
playing with settings in game.
playing with settings in LGS.
turning it off and on again.

so in the menu screens the wheel turns violently all the way to the left and try to keep going as you can feel the motor getting hot.
in races you can tell it is still trying to pull the car to the left a little but it is not completely obvious but you can feel it when you have stopped the car and there are no other inputs to the FFB from driving as you are stopped.
it is not fun plus i keep starting races at full lock and slamming in to cars beside me as i use degrees for drifting so full lock the wheel looks straight. also in drifting it is easy to transfer one way but not the other due to resistance on the wheel from it trying to pull left.
help me out please :slight_smile:

pc specs.
i5 6600k turboclocked to 3.9ghz
8gb of DDR4 RAM
Sapphire nitro+ RX480 overclocked a 'lil bit
Game is running from a cruicial mx something SSD
system is well cooled and has no overheating issues.
i play the game in dynamic mode and have a few things tuned to how i like them

Just for testing purposes, could you try setting your degrees of rotation to 180 in Logitech Control panel and then launching FM7 to see if you get the pull left bug?

I would also advise in Logitech Control Panel:

Sensitivity 50%
Centre Spring in FFB Games unticked
Centre Spring 0%

I still can get left pull bug, but can steer it back to centre after it hits full lock and it goes away.