Is there still a lot of people to play against in multiplayer?

I was strongly considering getting this game but I was wondering if there are still plenty of people playing this.

Myself and 4 other people are in a frr room right now. Doubt that helps though.

is league racing dead? im only able to get into 1 league race and its never more than 2 or 3 people there.

No, but you probably need to get to elite or pinnacle where there are a larger number of people. It is hard to move up from the lower divisions now though because there are so few people in those divisions. Regular hoppers still have lots of people.

ok cool that solves that one, is there something wrong with event 3 in league racing spec sim? i can can get into simulation and ghost but not spec sim and ive been trying for days

Spec sim is probably the least popular type of league. Probably no one there.