Is there a glitch with Forza Hub I know nothing about?

The Forza Reddit has a stickied topic about players being supposedly permanently banned from Horizon 3, and a common thread in the subject matter seems to be that some players are being banned after collecting credits from the Forza Hub app.

Now, in full disclosure, I am an XBox One player, and the complaints seem to be completely on the PC side of things. But I do use the Forza Hub app on the One pretty regularly, and occasionally on a bone-stock laptop. My primary concern is, I don’t want to jump on Forza Hub this Friday, collect my weekly allotment of cash, and then find out that I’m permanently locked out of my $80 video game.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

This is why it is a bad idea to refuse to discuss bans on this forum. Why do I feel like the lawyers are running the show?

To my understanding, and to prove it works, on XB1, all I ever do, is scroll to the top of this website, right click “Rewards” for the drop down, “Redeem Rewards”, boom.

I’ve not been banned for doing that. Just did it again this morning. My understanding is the PC side has a few more issues.

I HAVE been banned for putting a plural word on the side of my car RE:Deflategate.