I'm kinda worried...

Just now in multiplayer, I came across one of the dirtiest drivers I’ve seen in a very long time.

So this guy (I won’t say his gamertag, but I’ll call him R for Racer), was in a public P class race around the Road America East layout. Everything was going well until the middle of the race…

I was coming down the front straight, and I had R behind me. R was much quicker than me, so he decided to do the really clever thing and touch my bumper and literally stay there as I was entering a corner. I had to brake for the corner obviously, but R didn’t, so he pushed me into the gravel and ruined my race. He then blamed me for it saying that I blocked him, when I was ahead of him already and I didn’t move once to defend my position.

The next race at the short Suzuka layout, R once again decides to wreck me, twice, for NO REASON WHATSOEVER! I then leave, he then decides to REPORT me for allegedly ‘blocking other racers’ when I never did that. I simply reported him and told him to go away, although I’m worried that I might get banned from multiplayer because of it.

TL;DR: Guy makes me wreck, blames me for it, wrecks me twice in the next race before he reports me for something I never did at all. I report him and tell him to go away.

I wouldn’t worry about it F1erce, I doubt you’d get banned.

Thing is you need a replay to accompany your report of another player in order to receive a ban from turn 10 … and that’s if he reported you in the correct way. if he reported you using the xbox live profile way then that guy is an idiot as that does nothing. If he did report you the correct way to Turn 10 then they themselves will look at or have someone else to view the replay and if what you say is true then you should have nothing to worry about.

This is based off the one and only time I’ve made a report to turn 10 so I’m not sure if anything has changed.

Since then I’ve received the " I reported you" threat a few times due to me taking out moron racers and to this day have not received any multiplayer bans.

You are going to have to deal with these types of players from time to time.

I believe he did report me through Xbox Live. The stupid thing was that I forgot to get the replays of him wrecking me at both Road America and Suzuka, which sucks because I was going to initially save he replay of the Road America race.

Reporting you through the xbox live report system won’t really affect you. You might take a slight hit on your rep, if they even do that anymore. It takes a number of reports in a short time period for the Xbox PET team to even look at it.

If you guys encounter drivers such as this in the public lobbies, make sure you save a replay! Then use the reporting system on the Forza support site. While the race marshal group is still very active and doing their best, they can’t be in every lobby 24/7. You have all been given a way to report bad behavior yourselves now. Use it and help to clean up the online lobbies. T10 DOES review all tickets daily and takes appropriate action, regardless of what you may have read elsewhere on these forums. If you all truly care about the quality of online racing in this game, then use the opportunity you have been given to help make it more enjoyable for everyone. You can also reach out to the race marshal group for help. When a player is a known problem in the lobbies, we will be on the lookout for them. Just remember not to “name and shame” here on the forums. Use PM’s or ask for some help. One of us will respond.

Here is the link for the support site: https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us