I'm confused on where I buy the game from for Windows 10. Open up for more details

I’m confused on where I buy Forza Horizon 3 For Windows 10. If I buy it from this link: Amazon Forza Horizon 3 Is this for Windows 10 and Xbox one together or just for Xbox one. If I buy this one could I use for windows 10? Thanks

It specifically states on that card “For Both Xbox One and Windows 10”. The code you receive with that purchase can either be redeemed on your XB1 Console, Windows 10 store or possibly even the Xbox website itself. Whichever platform you redeem the code on it will automatically be added to the other platform on the same account.

I will say this does add a bit of confusion as this is the first digital card I’ve seen that mentions both Xbox One and PC. The one offered on Gamestop’s website and the card on the shelves at Best Buy only state Xbox One.