I Think I am Ready

Okay you experienced wheel drivers. I think I am ready for a wheel. Fortza 5 is my very first racing game, and so far, as far as I know I have clean races. I have never used a wheel before, and would like to know what the best one would be for a beginner like me using the xbox one. I am tired of the controller for the rivals and freestyle. So please advise.

EDIT The tier under my name is wrong, for I am a tier 3, almost tier 4.

The thrustmaster TX is the only wheel available at the moment for the Xbox one,i have been using one for a few months now and have found it to be an extremely fun solid piece of kit. The pedals that come with the wheel aren’t the best but for a beginner are fine. There has been alot of talk from ppl having various issues with the wheel but as with most things it the luck of the draw.

Thanks for the info. I will check it out. When I go to use one, what kind of setting should I use??

I forgot to ask. Is that wheel you are talking about the one that says Ferrari on it??

Having a wheel is not a requirement of being fast, many people I know still use the controller and are well up the sharp end of most of the leaderboards.

Having said that, wheels are good and the TX is good, unless you want to wait for the Fanatec, but that may be alot more expensive.

All I will advise is that you buy from a Thrustmaster official stockist and not an EBay seller even though you may get a cheaper price, a friend did just that and now Thrustmaster will not honor his warranty because he doesn’t have proof of purchase from a recommended stockist. Just a word to the wise fella, enjoy your wheel!

You must be, you posted here.

I was going to get a Thrustmaster, but after seeing a 3/5 star rating on Amazon, 2.5/5 on GameStop, 1/5 on Google, and various other places that are below 4 stars, I think I will wait. There seem to be a lot of issues with it and $399 is extremely over priced for a wheel. Especially since you don’t even get the clutch pedal or h-shifter with that price. And the only way I would get a wheel is that it would need all of those things. If they priced the Thrustmaster at around $199 and then offered the additions at a reasonable price ($49ish) then yes I would be getting one right now and risk the possibilities of a broken wheel (Obviously I would get a warranty of some sort). But nearly the price of a console is a bit too extreme. I could buy a PS4 with that money.

Well, thanks for the advice people. I am not trying to be “faster”, but be “better”. Hope that made sense. It is hard on my hands using the controller for racing, and I was hoping there was one just a bit cheaper than the Thrustmaster. But thanks again for the all the advice.

Hi Dovah, Where are you based? You can pick up a Thrustmaster TX for £214 including delivery here in the UK. You can wait for a Fanatec (could be a long wait as we’ve not heard anything from them since Novemebr last year - no surprise as they’re shocking when it comes to giving out information!) , or the MadCatz wheel that’s due in June. Both of these wheels are likely to be more expemsive than the Thrustmaster TX.

Other than that it’s a controller I’m sorry to say.

Microsoft are dropping the price of the Xbox One to compete with the PS4 as it’s being outsold 2 to 1. What it appears they’re not taking into consideration is the Xbox 360 owners with Fanatec or other wheels not upgrading because their wheels are not compatible. If they want to get some of the market back they should stop isolating us racers! (I’m sure this thread will get locked now - sorry!).

Thanks for the info. The Mad Catz is the same price as the Thrustmaster on Amazon, which can be pre-ordered. I have read threads where the Thrustmaster is not working after the last update from Turn 10, so that leaves me to wonder even more. Oh well. I guess I will read a bunch of reviews and go from there.

I am based in the states, in Montana and not sure what the extra shipping cost would be, not to mention that it usually takes a week longer to get here. Again, thanks for the info.


It appears to only be a coincidence that a few Thrustmaster TX wheels have stopped working since the last forza and Xbox one updates, mine and a fair few others are having no problems at all with our TX’s. Inside Sim Racing have had one since before it released (along with a set of T3PA pre-release pedals, that feature a clutch pedal) to test and review, and they are not having an issue with the wheel either. In fact they have two TX wheels, one strictly for use on the Xbox one, and another running strictly on the PC. For sure there seems to have been some poor QA at Thrustmaster on the first batch of TX wheels, but as pointed out above; it is the luck of the draw if you get a good or bad one. Its highly possible to get a wheel from a second batch now, since it was released in November and early December (depending on region). If you buy one from Amazon and its DOA, Amazon will replace it right away under their returns policy. If you get one and it works for only a couple of months, then TM will quickly replace/repair it at their own expense; but only if bought from an authorized retailer.

Thanks for the heads up. I am “back in training” so to speak, as far as racing, and I am trying to race without any of the assists on. Super hard for someone who has arteritis in their hands, which is why I figured the wheel would be easier. I am not doing to bad, at least to me I am not. lol