I need more traction!

hi i was wondering has traction control been demoted to a inconvenient decoration? because when i need it for climbing it doent exist even when i shift into high gear still nothing. but when im running around or racing it sure is there cutting my top speed short and bogging me down in corners… has anyone else noticed this?

Turn it off and learn to modulate your throttle accordingly.

You’ll thank me one day :wink:

Yeah you need to turn it off.

i only use it when im climbing somewhere that is too slick to climb otherwise i always have traction and stability turned off. they get in my way. what else you got?

Traction doesn’t help with that. Some vehicles can climb, some can’t. Some tunes can climb, some can’t. Some tyres are grippy, some tyres are slick.

it used to. wich is why i used it. on fh4 they had it all goofy to where you had to turn it on n except and go back in tp turn it off n except and it worked it was on. a fellow off roader qued me in on that one. SO THANKS TO YOU MY FELLOW MOUNTAINIER!! I cant remember your gamer tag though… bad recollection issues sometimes… but anyways there you go. but in a cense you are still right about it not working, anymore…

It was designed to stop you skidding on bends too much.

trust me i know. ive been motorhead gamer since gran turismo 3 on playstation before the controllers grew sticks. theres not much i dont know about the vehicles and the mechanics of how they behave.

correction ive been racing since cruise america and hydro thunder in the arcade at 10

yes same consept as when climbing realy steap
and thier common denominator is the factor of gravity vs whieght vs angle

makes sence now right?

Not really being as I can climb easily without it.

:smirk_cat: try the little mound with the handle at the end of that strip of hills out on the north eastern beach. let me know if you make it to the top! and IF you do, please show me how its buggin the heck outta me trying to climb up that ! it would be most appreciated

I think your talking about the end of the map which is programmed to slide you back where you came from so that you can’t go off the map.

nope go check it out its not the end of the map at all

Everybody who has met the end of the map knows it doesn’t just slip you back with no traction it ejects you back onto the road that’s the end of the map

No it doesn’t I just tried it, and the end of the map slides you back if you’re on a hill.

There are some areas that reset you, but there are a lot of areas that reduce traction and slide you back.

DTC in this game is too aggressive. Better to run with it off and learn throttle control.

Except at the other end of those slick areas there is the ejection point that I’ve been to but when is the side of a mountain that’s not the edge of the map and I know that because it’s part of some races and it’s also part of one of the career stories I’m at the beach that mountain that’s got the little handle that you can go through yeah I’m trying to climb that but it’s really slick and I and only able to get up halfway but I’m having trouble climbing the rest of the way mainly because of the Ragdoll effect that the cars keep having as well as the slick surface and by no means did I ever say it was the edge of the map that I was trying to climb either trying to climb mountains and jeeps are supposed to be able to do that and I’m hoping that the one of the programmers actually see this in the bike fix that problem because Jeeps are supposed to be able to climb that stuff just let me some fun