I need help, major problem I am having!

Hello all,

This is the first time posting here so bear with me. I have been playing Forza Horizon 4 since it’s release 2 years ago. It is by far my favorite game. Last week, I went to play it & said it had to update. I let it update and then I started to play it. It was working fine until I hit the options button. When I hit the options button, it froze and then kicked me out of the game. I went back in and hit the options button again & kicked me out again. The very next day, I went to turn on my XBox One & I couldn’t get the main screen up, was just a black screen so I figured my XBox One was done for (I did have it for about 5 years) Yesterday, I purchased a new XBox One, hooked it up, reinstalled Forza Horizon 4 and all the add ons I had, went to play it and it is still happening! Kicks me out every single time I hit the options button! I have looked on game sites, youtube to see if their is a solution to this. I even talked to a fellow expert gamer & he had me try some stuff but still happening. All my other games that I reinstalled work just fine, it’s just Forza Horizon 4! This is so frustrating! I am not a tech but I am guessing it has to do something with the last update. Maybe it didn’t install correctly or something. Keep in mind, this is a new XBox One X. Not the next gen, the regular one. I was actually looking to see if I could uninstall the last update or even reinstall it. It’s funny this started to happen after the update. If anyone has run into this issue or knows what I can do, please let me know…I have had people tell me to do a hard reset or uninstall the game and reinstall it but this is a new XBox One…well, sorry for the long topic, thank you for reading…hopefully someone can help me with this…

Sincerely, Bob

You have done nothing wrong.

Only the street scene races go golden when complete. Everything else just gets a little gold trophy in the event logo when complete.

I don’t know why this is, but it’s just how things are.

Looks like the same issue as [PC] Can’t access Pause Menu when pressing ESC key, game crashes.
Both cases, fresh install not working.
Looks like a new update related bug, you need to log a ticket to FH support with all the details you can share.

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Tilo, thank you for responding! I have tried everything and it freezes everytime I hit the option/pause button. This is so frustrating. I actually stopped at Gamestop to see if I could talk to someone about this problem. The girl I was talking to said it sounds like their is a problem with the game itself that I won’t be able to do anything until a new patch comes along. I did send in a ticket to Playground games about this problem but so far, no one has reached out to me.