Huge Problem with DLC cars

I got a big problem with dlc cars.
Today i bought VIP membership and when i wanted to get the cars they were not for free.
All my friends are getting dlc cars 4 free and they do not have to pay credits.
I dont get a single one 4 Free.
Can anyone pleas help me?

Same. I got the Hot-Wheels car pack and its not showing up for free. :frowning:

Its so annoying.
20€ for the vip pass and i still need to buy the cars

try a hard reset of the console, even remove the power cord as well, then restart…this is the first thing to do with any issues with the Xbone…

i do this after any installation of DLC or games and don’t usually have any issues

you should be able to buy the cars free in the autoshow then

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It did not help :frowning:
But thank you

I also cant do the VIP rivals challenge.
It is like i did not buy the VIP membership but the cars appeared in the auto showroom and there is not written DLC above them, so i could for example buy the bugatti for 1…millionen credits.
Very strange

Only some of the dlc car packs you get the cars for free

Yes but when i dowloaded the package there was a message saying “the cars will appear for free in the buy a car section” or something like that

And i do not get the VIP status

have you tried deleting and reinstalling the VIP DLC

Yeah multiple times.
I tried deleting it and installing in the game, deleted it and instaled it in the store…everything.
I also deleted the game and reinstalled it, nothing seems to help -.-

Yeah and i do not get double credits, like VIP members should

Still not solved :frowning:

so the new update didn’t help at all either

I got the same problem with the long beach pack. Just purchased it and I still have to buy the cars with credit. I have deleted the dlc, shutdown the game itself and restarted the Xbox but still nothing. Very annoyed.

Update: I’ve now been able to download my dlc however the only way I’ve found is to uninstall and reinstall the game then you can download all of your cars that had previously and just purchased. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

Well actually it didn’t work. You can download and install your cars however they are not added to your garage and you still have to use credits to purchase. Rubbish!