How To: Upload photos via Flickr, create signatures and more!


NOTE: This is a placeholder. An updated guide will be released shortly which will remove the section for resizing, since the forums automatically resize photos. From Part-6, move straight on to Part-8

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Creating a forum signature. (Arriving soon)

Recommending an Imgur Option, as MANY people here will likely find better results from that site, only due to compatibility with more message boards.

For quality and size, Flickr is worth the extra effort though.

Thanks for the suggestion Wonderpill. I’ll look into creating an Imgur section for those who’ll be using it.

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Does this work on the mobile version of flickr too? Or am i doing something wrong,

I edited the code in your reply to see if it fixed the issue. In the proper code, img is lowercase. That link showed up as an actual link and not an image. I used the mobile website and, well, hopefully this link works:

I’ve tried to share photos which are in my Forza gallery, as I’d done previously on this forum, but for some reason, the “insert image” tags aren’t working properly.

For example, when I try to use them with this picture - I just get nothing but the text of the code appearing in my post.

Do I need to use a third party picture host rather than the Forza gallery? Would seem to make mockery of having that function on the Forza website if so.

Hey Robstopper, apologies for the late reply. The issue would be your link itself. If you follow the guide to post via Flickr, rather than using the forum gallery then you’ll have no issues. However, if you would rather post straight from the gallery, remember to click on the photo to bring up the full size photo, then right click and copy the image URL. That will then work with the IMG coding. Copying the link in the web address bar would not work.

The other thing to remember is that if you post your photos straight from the gallery, then they will only be visible for as long as you have your photo shared on the sharefront.
Hope this helps.


Thanks Hachi - as I don’t have a flickr account yet, it had been easier for me to take and share a photo in the game, then use a link to my gallery. I’ve done exactly what you recommend, but the IMG coding still just appears as text, not the photo itself.



Sorry but this doesn’t work at all. I followed your own directions and the image doesn’t post. I clicked on the photo I wanted to use, right click for image address, pasted in the address and it still comes up as the previous user’s reply of text of code.

This is the image I wanted to post in the Halloween Content thread:
Pasting the link alone produces a link, which is fine.
Pasting this same link in between “img” or using the “Insert Image” and then pasting the address, still produces just code.


This link is the link given from right click - image address, so I’m not copying from the URL in the browser address bar, however it seems they are both the same anyway.



I’ve just tried the gallery link myself and it would appear that the gallery has been updated so that this method will no longer work. In this case, you will need to save the photo, then upload and post via Flickr as I previously suggested.





What have i or haven’t I done…

Try this. When you’re in Flickr and have clicked on your photo to enlarge it, [1] click the share photo [little arrow] icon at the bottom and you will be given the option to copy the url/link. [2] First make sure it’s set at the top to BBCode. [3] Then right click on the highlighted link, [4] copy it and head over to Forza forums. Then [5] start your new post/ message and [6] click the icon [small mountain and sun] at the top, [7] paste the copied url into the popped up block provided and [8] press enter twice. [9] Then press post the orange post button below the message and whalla, your photo is there.

There will be some surplus info that will show up with your photo which you can delete.

Hope this helps


That is not the Flickr BBCode. Follow the steps I’ve explained two posts up.

Thanks for the tutorial, let me see if I got it right.