How to get a livery in the first list when the page is full of liveries created 3 weeks b4 release?

I unlocked the 720s spyder within 25 minutes of the season changing (set my alarm for season change). I created a livery for it only to find the initial list that shows up is full of liveries that were created around 9-25 for the car that was released today, 10-17. I downloaded a bunch to see. So how does a legit player compete with these people to get legendary painter status? How does one get a livery on the 1st page in a situation like this?? Thanks in advance!


You go to the front of your followers list, plus if you have a good design it will overtake the other designs.

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How would that work then?

Are you just assuming that’s how it works because it would be logical, even though there is no evidence it actually does work like that?

That’s what they do, but the maths doesn’t work properly it needs fixing. I have managed to get cars near the front of the list, it’s based on downloads, and likes.

Do what I will be doing. Going through each one to check creation dates and report every one.

It happens every update. Dunno why support doesnt just log in on wednesday and do a cleanse. Guess cheating is okay, and even rewarded now.


They don’t care, lol. They clearly have the tools to remove offensive liveries so they could definitely remove those created before the cars are officially released as well. They need to start banning people for doing stuff like that, but for some reason almost everything seems to be allowed in this game except getting cars you weren’t supposed to (Ford Focus PO, Owen’s P1 etc). But that’s precisely why so many people are exploiting this game in every way possible:

  • creating tunes and paint jobs for cars that are yet to be officially released and available
  • intentionally losing races to drop to league 20 in online ranked adventures
  • joining online races with cars from higher classes (apparently there’s a way to do this intentionally which just sounds… wonderful lol)
  • getting completely unrealistic and impossible scores on PR Stunts

And the list goes on. It’s like this is a free game and not something every single player paid money for. To say I’m shocked how they’re treating their customers/players is an understatement.


I wish I knew how it worked. When I first started playing I put up some liveries and they started going pretty well (50 in the first day or so). They are really not as good as many of the others I have seen, mostly stripes and things, but not bad in my opinion and I think some people would like them. (I even got a follower). I figured a new livery would just get put high on the list and slowly go down if not popular. But now, I hardly get anything. Plus, if pick up a new lambo or something like that, for choices there would be a black one with blue highlights, then the same with yellow, and green, red, etc. None of them very special, but at least 5 of the same thing. I guess it’s just not monitored and the algorithm sucks.

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It’s more than a little frustrating to know these cheaters have been getting paid in game credits for almost a month to cheat (dl’s etc), while also making big progress on getting to legendary painter.

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The other issue is some people who do get the car on the day do the selfish act of downloading their own stuff through multiple profiles that are themselves, not all those on the front page are doing that but I know of 2 who certainly are.

One of these players gets 3 downloads and 3 likes always so fast rocketing to the front of the queue and we know under the current system this doesn’t happen every time you put on a new car, this person does this over and over, no matter what time of day they put a design on this happens, to make matters worse I did my research found out which other profiles they were doing this with and set up a support ticket on them, the 2nd,3rd and 4th profiles only started game until they can access designs. I got a response saying an investigation on this person was being done and my ticket was marked as solved. However nearly 2 months on from that tickets update nothing has been done about this person and low and behold they did the same thing again yesterday with the new McLaren. This person has taken many popular spots because of their cheating and if anyone can help I would be glad to pass the offenders name on.

This reason is why I haven’t bothered to report the other person as I feel nothing would be done about them either.

Design cheating bothers me the most tbh as it displaces the genuine painters who put time in to our design work.

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One thing you can do to help the situation is to search the designs, and find cars lower down to download, and like them, because there is a lot of good artwork stuck lower down.

Retro or Nitro, have anything to add? Time travel glitching is obviously a problem, do you guys have any plans to combat cheaters? Kinda takes away a part YOUR game for players.