How to find the game .exe shortcut to write in Logitech Gaming Software ?


To start the game via the Logitech Gaming Software, I have to write the game .exe path in my LGS Forza 7 profile.
Without doing this, my FFB Logitech G25 does not use the settings associated with the game.
Because of the stupid limitation of Windows 10 which don’t allow even administrators to open Windows Apps folders, impossible to see where is located this file and to fulfil the shortcut that have to be written in the LGS.
How do you make it work ?
Thank you.

Not sure this is actually possible. It’s locked away in a windows 10 app specific folder inside C:\Program Files\WindowsApps
For me its in: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.ApolloBaseGame_1.106.2356.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\ForzaMotorsport7.exe

You can gain access to WindowsApps by changing security settings in properties (somewhat a complex process), however i’m not sure in to what extend this affect your game, and even Windows10 itself.
As always i recommend doing a backup of Windows before doing these sort of things.

  1. Right-click on the Start button and choose Command Prompt (Admin).

  2. At command prompt window type the following command & hit Enter.

*Note: The above command will assign the ownership of the folder “C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps” to the current logged on user.

  1. Next give this command:

*Note: The above command will assign Full Control permissions to the folder “C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps” for all Administrators users.

  1. Next give this command:

*Note: The above command will assign Full Control permissions to the folder “C:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps” and its sub folders and files to all Administrators users.

  1. Finally assign the ownership of “WindowsApps” folder, back to the TrustedInstaller account, which is the Default owner of the folder.
  1. Now you should have full access rights to the “WindowsApps” folder.

Thanks a lot for your answers.
I’ve found another way to define a profile to FM7 : by using a permanent profil in the Logitech software.
It’s not as convenient as before because I have to change a few settings in the software each time I want to launch a different game, but it’s OK.

Hey, can you tell me how you did that? I have the same problem as you.


Sorry for late answer.
You just have to launch the Logitech profiler, then in “options” tab select the first line “profiler global parameters” (not sure for my transaltion because for me it’s written in french).
Then you check the third box and you select the permanent profil to apply.
When you want to play another game and to apply another profil, you can either let the box permanent profil checked and just change the permanent profil to apply, or you can check the box to let the profiler to apply automatically différents profils to the games.

If you are utilizing the Logitech G27 driving wheel on Windows 10 or possibly attempting to utilize it, at that point you may encounter the issue of Logitech G27 not getting perceived. This issue can happen to different Windows clients too yet it is most regular among the Windows 10 clients. Essentially, Logitech profiler and your Logitech G27 hustling wheel won’t be perceived by the Windows. Rather, the framework will doubtlessly recognize some other wheel. This will keep you from choosing and utilizing the Logitech G27 in your recreations. For a few clients, the wG27 wheel may be perceived by the Windows legitimately yet it won’t be perceived by the amusements or one of the recreations.

I’ve found a way, without breaking the Windows permission stuff, which will mess up your PC.
I wanted to make the paddle shifter and sequential shifter work at the same time without configuring every time the mapping in the game.
I’ve found a way to do it with the Logitech Profiler.
But i’m not going to explain this here 'couse i’m tired about devs never ever answering, and 'couse in my personal opinion this forum-community is too much TOXIC for my tastes.
If you need help, try to PM me and maybe i’ll read your message.