How can i sell my car-design?

hey guys, please help me, i dont know, How to sell my car-design?
i can download other designs and searching but i cant give my designs free, maybe im a litttle bit stupid

srry for my bad english :smiley:
i hope u can help me, thx :slight_smile:

You do not sell a design, you share it. Go to your design and select share, fill out whatever information you want to add to it from the options available and share it. The design will then be available for anyone to download and use. If your design is used enough times a day, you will receive a payment from the game for that usage.

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okay, thank you mate for the quick answer

You’ll also get messages in the in-game message board saying your livery is ranked freelance or professional. But the fact that a livery is downloaded by other players or not is difficult to predict (i share the same livery on different cars and got very variable results, a livery is either downloaded dozens of times / day or 0).

I imagine you get dozens or zero, because the pick a design option is very slow and is to put it bluntly, awful compared to back in FM4 days.