Hot wheels expansion 140/141 roads discovered.

These achievements are allways a pain, but I can’t find the last road, any idea on how to find it?.

Found it, was one of the loops, didn’t show on the map.

Which loop doesn’t show on the map? Where is it?

I’m not sure what loop he means but use the map and the zoom, stand in front of your TV so you can see good. It’s a pain be patient. You will do it. Took me like an hour in H2 to find the last road

It’s a loop above of stratospheric slingshot slightly to the right about 100 o’clock

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Good spot! That was the one for me, I spent ages looking for the final road.
All races that use the same road as that particular loop seem to have another stunt instead, which explains why the small portion wasn’t discovered once completing all the races.
This should help alot of people :slight_smile:

Turn all filters off on map, zoom in and be methodical. It is probably just a very short section that’s missed.

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