Hot Lapper/Racer Looking for Team

Hello all,

As the subject states, I am currently searching for a team/community to be a part of. I come from a pretty decent hot lapping background, but would like to improve on my racing, as I’ve been doing more of it recently.

I’d ideally try to find myself a position in a more well-established community where I can drive against people faster than I am, and improve on my skills that way. If you’d like to race with me sometime, just send me a message. MY GT is Soro.

Thanks for reading!



Delta Online Racing hosts events at 2000GMT each Sunday with usually 2 lobbies of varying experience and ability.

We currently have the Delta Truck Racing Cup which will be followed by the Delta Retro GT Championship.

In addition, we have the monthly Delta Touring Car Endurance Series on the last Saturday of each month.

Pop over to our website for details on current and previous Championships and Cup events and then check out the Delta forum for further details.

Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

Thank you for getting back to me. I will give you a shout on Xbox, but unfortunately I do not know about making the Sunday events due to work. If you guys do anything else throughout the week, I’ll be sure to try to make it.

10pm my time on a wednesday is abit late.

Hey Soro!

We’re looking for new members to join our hot-lappers league. We are a fairly new league and are hoping to grow by adding folks like yourself.

We run two offline hot-lap events each week and attempt to have a live race each Saturday evening. We have some quick drivers and some that are just learning the game. We do have a scoring system and separate drivers into divisions based on ability.

Check out our website at If you’re interested hit me up with a message and I’ll add you to our club on xbox and get you started.

By the way, we are starting a new season this coming Sunday the 25th, so it’s a good time to join us.

My gamertag is SteeleReign69

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Hello Soro,

I am a Lieutenant with Demonic Rebels Racing. We are seeking new members for our team to compete in a broad spectrum of events taking place on many different days of the week. If you wish for more information about the team please feel free to message me on xbox.