Horizon 2 360 Road Glitches??

Happened 5 times now… When I drive, my car hits random invisible objects in the road.
Happened at a corner twice and a completely flat road.
and it has happened when I was driving at one of the first stages and the car just sank in to the ground?? And now i was going 300+kph and my car just hit an invisible barrier launching my car in the air??
What is this, Turn 10?

Can you document right where they are so I can go try to find them?


Where I crashed twice in a invisible thing and where my car went underground both happened in a race in the first area. When I drove 300km+ happened at the highway.

Ok but we need more specific locations in order to find them on the map. I raced the first four or five road trips without hitting barriers.


Seriously? They’re everywhere.

Go to the final race for a start and when the dirt track winds down from the town to the highway, there are a bunch of them and there’s also one in the middle of the highway its self if you stay in inside lane about 400 yards from the ‘on ramp’.

On the stage “o’doro” something?? I raced and fell through the ground…

Same here. 20+ times today in my first day of playing. Happens all the time, on many tracks. Seems like serious glitch. When i rewind sometimes i hit that invisible object again, sometimes not.

I’m on 360 and I have experienced this too.

Just cruising around I run into invisible walls mostly when around corners. Luckily it hasn’t happened that often while racing but it’s still annoying yet re-assuring I’m not the only one.

Get better geometry Sumo.

Oh, and the painted lines on the road seem to be visible through the tires. Looks amateur.

I’ve had this too, I usually rewind out of it but there’s a spot when you going from sisteron on the main highway. Outta the tunnel on the middle and inner lane doing about 190 mph in a Huracan. Thats what I remember

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I have had that happen in the same spot, just before entering the tunnel. East bound lane on the northern most highway. Anything over 230mph or so. I’ve hit invisible walls in a 2014 Vette, Hennessey Venom GT, and a Huracan. I was doing max speed in a Venom GT.

I had parts of the road disappear… as in look through the map (car gets stuck) on the xbox one…

This game could use a patch… just a little bit.

on 360, they just randomly come up, even the AI’s hit them. They damage your car, mess up skill chains, and are like speed bumps. (197 BOOM! 37) in free roam and on races. I got pictures but can upload them. through Forza

I’ve run into a few in the horizon finale(dirt sections, horseshoe style turn before 2nd dirt section, sidewalk will stop me in my tracks, lots of other spots). Others on the highways, I just randomly get launched(Sometimes I won’t hit them, i’m not sure if it’s certain speed or type of car). A few different areas where I randomly will just fall underground while driving. When they happen, I will start taking note where they happen.

We should not have to take notes and report where we find these road glitches, that should be a QA team’s job during development. Just sayin’.

Fresh fish, if you want issues addressed, you need to provide details. Games are at the point now where they are so complex that a team of twenty testers are never going to find the bugs that 2 million players will. That’s just the reality of software development. If you don’t like it, stop buying electronic entertainment items. Just sayin’.

Even the best QA teams will find it impossible to catch every single bug, it just isn’t realistic to expect it either. Especially with this bug being so intermittent, and invisible.
IF you want a bug fixed you do actually have to provide details of said bug to the team who made the software. Screenshots of the map location and the car hitting said barrier would be helpful. What type of event you were running, the name of the specific event, which car you were using etc. As many details as possible so they can build a picture of connected dots to track down the cause.


I’m on 360, and in my experience, it seems like the team of 20 missed a whole lot more than usual on this one. It would be an absolute chore for me to sit down with a game I bought to play and enjoy, and start going through all the bugs I encounter and taking note on time/date/place/version, etc. And with that being the norm nowadays like you say, It gets old doing it for every new game released. It’s simple: make things that work properly, or don’t make things.

I have a few major issues that I’ve noted, trust me, I’m waiting until I feel I’ve caught them all or I get tired of searching. Also, I want to make sure that I’m not just wasting my time on these forums and that the development team are viewing and addressing these issues for both versions.

Well i think we’ll see soon enough if they’re patching both versions. Hopefully more evident bugs will be fixed whatever version it s.

I have also had this a few times.

Going 380 km/h on the long straight section of the highway it seems like I hit a invisble low wall causing my car to fly trough the air.

And there are also some tarmac roads that behave like gravel, debris comming from the tires and a dust cloud…

Different glitch(infected and king) On the warehouse map, people are getting out of area now and driving across the map. It’s in the left hand side of dunes/dirt w/e. L shaped grass area at end near wall. It’s a little ramp where someone launches somewhat left(no game play to show exact position) to get through gap in wall/barrier. Is anyone else coming across people doing this? A little annoying that keeps happening in king.

Am I the only one hitting invisible barriers all the time? they’re everywhere! I crash in invisible [Mod Edit - profanity is not allowed - MM] all the time, even the AI’s do it…

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