Honest criticism and critique requested on WIP

Hey guys … up til this point, most of my designs have been replicas of real-world cars … which to me are a little easier to do because you can find multiple pics to use for reference. I am absolutely amazed at some of the original designs that you guys come up with and want to work on some really interesting and unique originals like the ones I see here. The ones that I tinker around with I think look kinda nice and clean … but just kinda ‘average’ and ‘ordinary’ I guess. What I need to work on is coming up with something more unique or something that really jumps off the screen at you.

I wanted to put up a couple of pics of my latest WIP and get some honest criticism from you guys. What would you suggest (either additions, deletions, or tweaks to what’s there now) to make this design ‘pop’? I’m really interested to hear what some of you would do with this design from here as I know we all have different ideas about what makes a design ‘work’.

Thanks for any input …

nice work man! great use of the shape of the car. i think it would look even better if you would put the logos on the side underneath the gradiënt, so it looks like they’re on a curved part of the car… kinda… hope this helps/helped!

You can take the base design a lot more crazy… the car is all angular and sharp so get the base to flow but use the panels to help create turns or edges and it will help make the main sponsor pop more.
Don’t be afraid of using plenty of shapes to build up the design


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Appreciate the suggestions and comments …

Changed the background vinyl, repositioned the sponsor logos, added some striping that flows along body lines. Steps in the right direction? Do more stripes, vinyl shapes, etc. that help fill up the body panels make the design look more ‘complete’? Should I add even more striping/vinyls to the front and rear quarterpanels? More sponsor logos? Would you guys add some kind of drop shadow or outlining around the main sponsor graphic to make it stand out a bit more on the door?

EDIT: I’m sure you guys already know this … but the site here forces a fixed image size that can’t be enlarged when you post images. You can right-click and copy the image url and then open it in another tab at full resolution to get a much bigger and sharper image.

Tweaked the main sponsor logo some and added striping on the rear quarterpanel. Any other suggestions?


i love it man. when is it available for use?

Roadkill, not sure … still tweaking on it and still have to do hood and roof. Right now I’m still working on the sides. I’ll keep progress updated here though.

AMG & Screechymon, thanks for the comments.

I do have a couple of ideas I thought about last night and I’ll work on them some today. What does everyone think about number of secondary sponsor logo decals? Do you like a lot of them like NASCAR uses or just a few placed here and there? Or maybe none at all? I appreciate everyone’s feedback as I’m trying to learn what most of you guys want to see in an original livery.

It’s cool to see the evolution of this car! Great work, sir.

Hadn’t really thought about watching the evolution part of this process. I’ll post more pics then at each step if some of you are interested in watching that.

Tweaked the main logo a bit again (think it looks like I want it now) and decided that the black wheels just weren’t doing it for me with this design … so now we have some nice shiny chrome. More to come …

EDIT: Any suggestions on hood/roof graphics?

Agreed. Sometimes a slight change can make a really big difference.

Wildcat, your paint flows nice on that lambo. Its also very nice and clean. I don’t really have any criticism or other thoughts on it really. Nice job.

Wheels in the first pics are hot, can’t say much for the second set. To each is his own I guess.

Personal preference I guess. I just thought the black wheels took a bit away from the blue, silver and white. Was it the style of wheel or color that you didn’t like?

Here’s my first run at the hood … thoughts?

Your first choice of wheel fits better with the design. Perhaps you could paint them blue like the main color of your design. As for the graphics on the bonnet, it’s a good start. You can definitively go wilder. I’d try to place the main sponsor lower just to see how it would look. You’re off to a good design.

That is nice…Top work.

I really liked the asymmetry and blue valence of the first hood, but maybe work the new back-splash in behind it as well?

As far as rims go, I don’t like the stock ones on that car either. Personal preference ftw.

center the X in the logo on the hood

Okay … some updates …

(1) Went back with the asymmetrical striping and color panels on the hood. Re-worked the hood logo a bit for better contrast between it and the two backgrounds it sits on top of now. Centered the ‘X’ of the logo on the hood.

(2) Kept the 2nd set of wheels but put a matte black finish on them. Just really don’t like the look of the bead lock on the factory wheels.

(3) The striping on the hood is flipped and mirrored on the back of the car as well. (Hard to get a good view of it here in the garage photo mode.)

Appreciate very much everyone’s comments and suggestions.

That looks good m8.

like the matte black finish to keep more attention on the art work. good job.