Help?Vinyl not representing as shown

Good evening everyone.i have been playing forza forever and amateur painting just as long & am just now trying to get involved in the it would be, I need my recent recreation of the Walter Rohrl 1986 Audi #2 Sport Quattro S1,the black,grey and red stripe that runs front to back was aligned perfectly with the same stripes I had placed on the back bumper.when I entered a race,they were severely offset from each other.i figured I must have been tired,exited the race and went back to the editor to see they looked perfect still.i offset the bumper stripes the amount it appeared in game and tried again.way off that time.i ended up just removing the bumper stripe because the lines not matching up was driving me crazy.does anyone know why it would appear perfectly in the editor but be off in game?any help will be appreciated!
1986 Audi #2 Sport Quattro S1
Livery name-pikes peak