HELP NEEDED!!! Car Design Issues

Ok so i was painting my Audi R18 when i accidentally saved over the original paint design. I had the design up for download so i was able to redownload it. Now when i did i can rename it, unshare it, view its stats everything you can do with a normal design. It says it isnt locked however when i got to change the car colour or anything along those lines it says the design is locked however everything else say it isn’t. Id really like so help in getting this design unlocked so that i may edit it to my pleasing. Is there anyway i can do so and if so could you please inform me in doing so. If possible it would really help if turn 10 could help me out by sorting this issue out as they obviously run and manage the game and if there is anything they can do.


There is no way you’re [mod edit- wsd, profanity] out of luck , sorry.