Groove Music Station - available in game in any other country than US (in PL)?

I uploaded some music to “Music” folder on my OneDrive and… Can’t get how to proceed further to have Groove Music Station runnning. Is it simply unavailable in Poland, just as Groove webstore?

Groove is only able to be used in in countries it is available in unless you use a VPN as a work arround, Using VPN may cause severe Lag, Changing the regional settings on your Consol or computer may cause more problem than it is worth due to IP logging and you location not matching, and may result in games and apps not working or Windows store failing to work correctly.

You have three requirements:

  1. A Groove Music Pass subscription.
  2. Unlock Groove Radio, which is after you sign a contract with six radio stations in the game.
  3. Create a playlist in Groove Music.

If #1 is unavailable in Poland then you can’t use Groove Radio, sorry. :frowning:

You dont require a subscription…just need to register and make a playlist…use your own music in onedrive

Didn’t they bind that feature to the Music Pass even if you use your own music? Because when you pick Groove Radio for the first time it asks you to activate the 14-day trial. So I figured simply using Groove Radio in the game required the Music Pass regardless of the music’s source.

nope I’m using just fine without any subscription, just set up a Groove account

I need to register? How? Where?
None of the 3 tutorials I’ve found has mentioned it :frowning:

I already loaded music to OneDrive’s “Music” folder, I created playlist in Win10 pc app. So now I miss the registration…

you need to setup an account with Groove
if it’s not available in your region you just cant use it, unless you can get around it using a VPN or something

I went to, logged in and… this website simply doesn’t see my 4 GB of music. ON Goove website I click on the link to OneDrive’s Music folder and there I can see all the tracks, but again even after 3 days I can’t see anything in my collection. This works brilliant.

Nothing to do with forza why you cant get it to work

Maybe get on the forums for groove music and ask there

You do need to make a playlist in groove music before you can use it in fh3 too

Got it. I am from the 3rd world and Microsoft thinks I am worse kind of person, so they do not provide this kind of services to me. Read here:

“Who can add their music to OneDrive?
Anyone with a Microsoft account in select regions* can add music to OneDrive and play it on the Groove music app. To use this feature, make sure you’ve accepted the Xbox Terms of Use by signing in to

and now the asterisk:

  • Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

Do you see there Poland? No. We are 38 millions of 3rd world people, who can buy music at Beatport or iTunes (and we do) but we can’t just listen to our music after we load it on our OneDrive. And that’s all folks :slight_smile:
Damn… Again I feel like an ******* only because Germans have not killed most of us in World War 2 and Poland survived as an independent country. If they do, I would live in Germany, as German. Then I would be able to get everything that Microsoft offers. Including playing my OneDrive music in Forza. Super.

Thanks for all your support guys.