Goodbye Forza Horizon 2

As of yesterday, i have not been able to play Forza Horizon 2. Everytime i load up the game. ‘syncing data for Forza Horizon 2’ and it stays like that for hours. I was level 125 and it seems i have lost it all. There’s no way i’m going to start over.

Have you tried doing a hard reset of your console?


I had to do it as well. Not just to get Horizon to work but also to get my friends list to work again.

Had that for forza 4. Level 165, stacks of credits and a garage that dreams were made of. All lost as syncing corrupted it. I feel for you

Ive done that. Done everything i possibly can.

Are you on 360 or One?

If you’re on One don’t worry - the worst that can happen is your Xbox fails to communicate with the cloud. Your save will remain but it’ll just be a waiting game until you can access it.

If you’re on 360 then there’s a strong chance you could end up restarting.

That having been said, I’m on One and I wouldn’t mind a restart to get some of the barn finds out of my garage!

The same thing happened to me with Forza 5, and it’s been about a month since I was able to play it.

I’ve now given up completely and accepted the fact that I will never play Forza Motorsport 5 again.

I’m honestly considering giving up on all Forza games if they keep forcing this cloud crap on everyone. They obviously can’t/won’t get it to work, so they should just stop.

There’s no real benefit to it, either. The only thing I can think of are Drivatars, and they just make the game worse, because they’re still AI that can’t drive, but now they’re also copying traits of people who can’t drive.

Turn 10 is very dissapointing to me!!!

No updates or statements. I think they dont care about fixing this issue on forza horizon 2.

This game is next battlefield 4

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Im on the one.

I lost my game data 3 times i feel for you when its lost all the time effort gone that being said is it an Xboxone issue or Forza issue i dont know who or what the cause of this happening i was at level 190 on Forza5 and lost all my gift cars ect.

Lets hope mine doesn’t do this !
I feel sorry for you really , its a bummer

Same damn issue here wouldnt sync. I spend my whole damn day trynna fix this issue but just failed me. Im on level 515, i got all the damn cars and theres no way imma re start all over again. Fix this damn issue forza horizon!!! This game suck!!