Good sensation

It’s me or something is changed?
I explain, I play only online, B class. From yesterday I feel a different drive approach. Cars steering more, brake more and handling seems better!
I tried 3/4 car and I had the same sensation for each one.
Had someone advice the same feeling?

It is likely to be a placebo effect, or that your skills are improving to the point that cars feel easier to drive.

To the best of my knowledge no physics changes have been made or announced in recent updates, with the exception of some slight changes to kerbs on a few Tracks to make them more forgiving.

This is what I call being in the zone. It’s a great feeling when days like this happen.

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I have days when I feel the same and days when it feels the exact opposite.

Sometimes you just get into your rhythm and sometimes you just keep missing it.

Enjoy the good days. Don’t lose heart on the bad days. :slight_smile:

I have a friend who is convinced that, for some unknown and mystical reasons, the game just controls better on some days and doesn’t on others, due to “network stuff”. I sincerely doubt such a thing happens.