Good/Perfect Passes not working in single-player campaign

People have written about this before, but I just want Turn 10 to see this: Good/Perfect Passes have not worked at all for about a month now in the single-player championship races. All the other pop-ups work (Perfect Turn, etc.), just not passes. I have to sell any Pass-related mod card I get.

Strangely enough, I noticed one last night, and I only played Freeplay. I forget which track, but one of the AI cars went off the outside of a turn by at least 20 feet into a wall, and as I went by on track, with no other cars near me, I saw either the “perfect pass” or “good pass” pop up. It didn’t register for a moment, so I didn’t focus on to it note which, but then it dawned on me that it was a pass achievement that’s been missing. And it was definitely a pass achievement. So I’m guessing the distance between for the pass notes got really large, like not sharing the track large.

Can someone please do a single-player campaign race and tell me if they get any good or perfect passes? I get them in Freeplay, but I haven’t gotten a single one in well over a month in campaign. It can’t just be my game, right? This is even after the most recent update.

I have exactly the same issue. It does not count them in campaign, last month or so… I also remove pass mods since there make no difference. Let’s hope they see it and fix it.

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