Glad to be in this community + needing explaination for fh4 (XboxOne)

Hi at all!
I’m brand new in this forum and i want to say hi to everyone! It’s a pleasure! :slight_smile:
I have some questions about the online game, i hope someone can give me advice about.
I’ve bought the game two years ago, but my score often seems like resetted, Sometime when I reach for example, level 12, the next time i boot the game, there’s a NO GRADE level.
Indeed, I’m not able to reach over the 12th grade.
I have to add a particular, often the connection falls down during an online game(not for my fault, because it happens to other players too),is horizon able to understand that there’s no intentional cause or it penalize the players anyway?
Tnx for the attention and the help!

Once a month, your rank gets reset so it will appear as an “X” (unranked). However, simply doing one adventure of that type will mean that your usual ranking reappears.

Furthermore, if you are doing ranked “team” adventures, there is an issue that if anyone leaves an adventure the points do not count for anyone in the adventure - win or loss. What this means is that it will appear as if your rank has increased (or decreased depending on result) but it will then go back to its previous level when you next do a ranked race. Unfortunately, there seems to be no inclination to fix this issue. Points in FFA do not suffer from this issue.

As for disconnects, unfortunately they do appear unable to tell the difference between genuine d/cs and quitters and the servers seem unstable at times. Consequently, you will get penalised reasonably frequently for disconnects which are not your fault. Note this doesn’t apply if everyone is disconnected from a race - in that case the game does recognise that an error has arisen and no points are deducted.