Gifting cars

Hey guys do you think we will get to gift each other cars again as we did in FM4.I wish it could come back!


I’m not so sure, car clubs didn’t make it into forza 5, but they are returning in horizon 2. There is no reason as to why gifting wouldn’t make a return

Gifting does not need to exist in order for car clubs to do so.

Perhaps I had worded my post badly but that is not what I meant. Its just that if a feature is returning then there is no reason as to why other popular features wouldn’t be re-considered.

Removing gifting has solved a great many problems with previous versions of Forza, far more than most realize, and prudence would suggest we will not see it return.


I actually believe there is a decent chance of seeing vehicle gifting in Horizon 2.

Not sure, but with up to 1000 member car clubs there should be plenty of cars to share though.


We can buy each others cars, so isn’t that essentially gifting ? Price it at $1000 for your friend. Ralph’s said we can and it’s shown in a video demonstrating the “Car Meets”. I don’t know wether you can haggle a price with the owner or you have to bid over a certain amount depending on the car.

Well could you post a link?

At around 8:55 you can see “Buy”.

Are you sure that the “Buy” option won’t just take you to the dealership to buy that model? Just a thought.

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Knew that was coming, did you watch it all ? Somewhere ive watched a video and he’s said something like “you can even buy said car”, while on the topic of “Car Meets”. I won’t be able to find where I saw/heard this though, I found the above video by luck, it’ll no doubt be in the “What we know so far” thread though.

I could be wrong, but I’m 80% sure I’m right on this one.

He says you can buy the car, bu explains that you’re not buying it directly from them in the sense that they won’t lose the car. You simply have the option to buy the car from the in-game dealer and it will come with all the upgrade parts and tuning set up that that user had.

It’s like selling or gifting the car but in the end both users have it instead of just the buyer.

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That’s pretty much what I thought: the “Buy” option would get you the whole package (car, upgrades, tune, paint) without having to go through the different steps

well why would you buy it if it just bought you a stock one with no mods to it if you only bought it if it was modded or had something really cool?!?!?!?

Check your grammar please. The second half of this isn’t making sense to me.

The commentator says you can buy the car’s livery and, I may be mistaken but I’m too lazy to watch the video again, that you can apply the car’s tuning setup to your own car. Therefore you wouldn’t have to buy the entire, modded car. And that precludes the possibility that there’s a “Sell” option or an “Auction” option; you’re assuming that you can just go to the meetup and randomly buy some guy’s car.

It makes more sense for the Buy option to buy a stock, unmodded car, and then you can apply the tuning setup and buy the livery or just one of those. That’s more practical, reasonable, and a whole lot easier then going to a meetup, seeing a car you like, and then having to go all the way back to the Marketplace to buy it or even going to the meetup and buying up all of these people’s cars.

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Grammar is fine. Sentence structure is confusing though.

I’m not saying I don’t believe you. I’d like to see gifting back as well. But I can recall only a few interviews where Fulton was talking about liveries and tunes. I’ll see what I can find when I’ll have some free time.

Anyone know if you’ll be able to gift cars and if the tuning will stay without free roaming when you save your tuning setup on your car? Thanks.

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