When is a forzathon event happening again and how am I supposed to know when these events will be coming up?

Another question I had is, is it possible to send money to other players online? or is it possible to gift cars to other players?

And how could I get the s14 now?

You can find information about Forzathon in this thread, see post #5307 for the latest events

Money and cars cannot be gifted between players

You can purchase the S14 in the auction house


Just google “Forzathon”. The first links that pop up are for pages showing all the events leading right up until November. Can’t believe people seem to have such trouble getting info when the whole world is literally at our fingertips. It’s like everyone is 90 and you have to explain what a search engine is and how to use it constantly. I listened to a phone in repair show the other day where people were calling in with questions and the host was Googling the info for the callers. Totally hilarious.

Also, why do you want to pay tons for a car you can have for free 2 days from now? Very confusing.

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There is one on every weekend. You can also look in game, it tells you two days in advance that a Forzathon is coming up.


Sometimes it is not possible in game, the last two August ones literally took place one after the other.

The achievements list is your best bet as the whole month or two worth of forzathons are visible ahead of the start dates.
The Main Forzathon Thread should also be your “go to” place for forzathon help and notifications on the events and prizes.

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The posts quoted in the main #Forzathon thread have details of the upcoming events. Or, you can follow the link below to True Achievements and the Challenges tab. It will show all of the upcoming and expired Challenges.

ManteoMax also posts upcoming #Forzathon events.

There is a number of cars that cannot be purchased from the Car Show. The only way to get them is from Spins, #Forzathon events or the Auction House.

Gifting cars is no longer possible. However, if a friend has a car you want, they can put it up in the Auction House for a high price for 24 hours and you ‘Buy it out’. Then you can reciprocate by buying out a car at a similar high price. Be warned, some cars only last seconds on the Auction House, such as the RX7, always search for the car you want before using this ‘Buy Out Method’.