Forza Motorsport 7?

Here has been no announcements, not mentions, no dedicated forums, of FM7. Is it even going to be a thing, is there even going to be a game this year? This time kast year, we already knew what the cover car was, and some info about FH3, this time, there hasn’t been anything by T10 on FM7, or a new game.

Probably after e3 we will find out

Why after E3, they never did this before, ever.

Just be patient we will find out soon enough what’s happening

FM3 was announced at E3 in 2009
FM4 was announced at VGAs in December 2010 for 2011
FH1 was announced the first week of March 2012
FM5 was announced at the Xbox One Revealed event last week of May 2013
FH2 was announced a week before E3 2014 by IGN
FM6 was announced in January 2015 because the Ford GT was being unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show
FH3 was teased (without a name) in the first week of March 2016 because of the partnership with Lamborghini and the Centenario’s unveiling at the Geneva Auto Show, and then unveiled at E3.

The timing has varied, but recent pattern shows Forza announcements tied in with partnerships. With the Scorpio coming this year, it seems likely that when Microsoft does its big stage unveil, the next Forza project will be unveiled at the same time, just like in 2013.

There’s a thread on this topic in the General Xbox forum.

In the meantime, there’s still plenty of life in FM6 and FH3, with Season 3 of the Forza Racing Championship starting May 1st.

When information comes, you can be sure to find it on