forza motorsport 7 is not working since the windows 10 update. pls fix

hi, i have a big problem, forza motorsport 7 is the only one not working on my pc.
i have auto updatet my windows and i cant reinstall the older version from windows.
befor update forza is working fine but since the update the game ist not working anymore, i redownloadet it 3 times and the game works fine 4min long and the game crashes at this time
butt the game wont start anymore. i have do all things and nothing is working and i cant start the game

i will not redownload it because i do this three times and nothing is working.

pls fix this.

i have no problems with other games and i play many MANY other games (60+) on my pc at this time and no problems but forza is not working.
i resetet it, redownloadet it 3 times and and and. and nothing is working.


am going add here as well ive not played for 2 weeks game will not even boot up anymore gets small bar at the top then crashes.

when is this going be fixed

Same problem here, but found the solution a few threads down the list:

“Download any random free app from the Windows store, this can sometimes “force” the reassociation of the account”

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