Forza Motorsport 7 4K Compatibility With The Xbox One S

I have an Xbox One S and I was wondering if I will be able to play Forza 7 in 4K the same way that the One X will in the sense that the textures will load at 4K rather than it just getting upscaled.


I’m 99.9% sure you will not be able to do that. XB1S does not have the power or bandwidth for 4K anything. Maybe screenshots.

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The one s cant do full true 4k like the one x can. the only thing 4k the one s can do is video streaming and pics not games.

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Yep I agree with the last 2 posters. I also have the OneS, it upscales okay but nothing like watching a movie in 4K. Bigggggg difference in detail

If you could that then there would be no point in releasing the xbone X
The S can only upscale nothing more

what if you have a regular xbox one and a 4k tv will you get 4k resolution

No, only the Xbox One X has enough computing power to render a game like Forza in 4K.

The Xbox One and the Xbox One S will render Forza 7 in 1080p at 60fps. A 4K TV may do some fancy upscaling to smooth over any edges, but most TV’s have pretty weak image processing. Expect Forza 7 to look similar to Forza 6 if you’re playing on Xbox One or One S.

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No. The only console version that will get the OneX enhancements including 4K assets is the OneX.

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The only reason I want a One X is just for a more realistic look to games; especially Motorsport 7 and Horizon 3 (considering they’re both being enhanced for the One X). I don’t plan to buy it immediately, instead wait and see where I can buy it the cheapest. It’ll cost $650 here in Australia, but I have a feeling there will be somewhere that will sell it for something less than that. Besides, I can trade in the One S I already have.
Now, back onto the subject. You won’t be able to play Motorsport 7 at 4K on the One S. If you have a 4K TV and enable HDR and whatnot, the quality will be upscaled as mentioned. As far as I’m aware, it should still run at a smooth frame rate, but I’m not certain on that.

I really would like to find a One X but theyre sold out EVERYWHERE. I’m gonna trade in this One S, probably wont get much for it but I wont have any use for it either. I do have a 4K TV now but you only notice it when using video apps (YouTube, Netflix etc)

Not to sound negative or anything, but I saw a vid on YT by an allegedly authoritative source that the number of pre-orders made and the whole sold out thing is not exactly what MS may have led folks to believe. It went on to say that sales for the One-X have been less than exciting and that numbers may have been falsified to give the impression that it sold out due to all the pre-orders and whatnot. I’ll try and find the link to that vid.

I guess you can believe what you want. MS does not publicly announce console sales numbers or pre-order sales numbers at all … so no one outside of MS knows for sure. The “authoritative source” you’ve seen or heard is just speculating and may have their own agenda in mind. When I read on multiple message boards that people all over the world can’t find them any more and multiple retail stores and outlets all report that they’re sold out … that kind of tells me what the situation is.

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only the limited Scorpio marked edition were sold out, the next batch of regular xbone X are about to be made available for preorder

Where are you? The Xbox One X went on sale today at Game. Co. UK.

I preordered one myself at 8am this morning. They might still be available but I haven’t looked since then.

Cost me £487 altogether with Assassins Creed Origins and 3 months xbl gold. Which is a pretty good price. They also had some forza 7 bundles but I’ve already paid for the ultimate edition so there was no point going for that bundle.

I got a old style 4KTV. And planing on get the x soon. I be playing this in 4K. But not at first. I be playing it at 1080P. But I am getting a newer version of 4KTV. But I wait for time they get bugs out the X before get a 4KTV with HDR.

Fontana is correct i had an IT guy here at the house explaining how it all works it will upcomvert tje 4 k signal but if you look side by side it seems the the xboxone S looks better in 1080p than 4 k now that is just my opinion how my eyes see it amd the settings,also hardly any content will ne out remener 4k is still really new

In fact I just looked. They still have some Xbox One X bundles up to preorder at if anyone needs one.