Forza Horizon 2's Physics

So I’ll probably eventually pick this game up, but how is it in relation to Forza 5’s physics? Is it more on the arcade side like Forza Horizon 1?

Its like FM5 with heaps of grip.

… and far less sticky grass.

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One might say the grass in this game is normal.

I would also say these first few responses are regarding the Xbox One version of the game.

The 360 version has even MORE grip. So much so that a Supra feels vastly underpowered to break traction and you can forget about getting the back out on a stock S13 Silvia.

It’s a delicious blend of arcade and simulation, getting more arcade-ish the more assists you use. I limit assists to rewinding in SP, and no damage online.

Thusly configured, it’s just arcade enough that a “Dukes of Hazzard” driving style is viable, yet sim enough to make such driving challenging and tricky.

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horizon 2 is much much much simplified over forza 5

forza 5 actually has quite spectacular handling however i feel the gulf between it and horizon 2 feels much higher than it was between forza 4 and forza horizon

i’d put it like this… i would play forza horizon 2 for a while and it would kill my ‘skills’ for quite a while in forza 5 until i stopped that ‘bad behavior’

It’s definitely more on the arcade side than Forza 5, but you can feel the relation between the two. It’s fairly similar to Horizon 1, although the cars feel like they actually have weight in Horizon 2. The lack of weight was one of my biggest complaints about FH1

I felt that FH1 went too far to the arcade side, and think that Horizon 2 hit the sweet spot. If that helps any lol

On the One, FH2 definitely hits the sweet spot between FM5’s more sim-like handling and the arcadey feel of FH1. The cars still feel like they have more grip than FM5, but the tuning definitely makes a difference. I find it to be quite enjoyable.

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