Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One Ultimate Pack Digital, Stuck at initial car choice - Please Help πŸ˜”

Hi Guys, I have done many searches and cannot see that this issue has already been raised, please forgive me if it has.

After the tutorial race at the begining to get to the festival, then the cut scene, I choose the Supra and the press A to confirm, then the camera just continues to loop through the different angles but refuses to progress, none of the buttons respond apart from the Xbox Home button. I have left this to run until the console shuts down, in case a loading bug.

Its so frustrating, i have redone the intro 10 times, rebooted the Xbox One multiple times and reinstalled twice, I have also gone through resetting the memory etc with Microsoft and they asked me to come here.

My Xbox One is brand new and i cannot wait to play this amazing game, any ideas? Please Help.

Thanks in advance!!

Tried a hard reset on the console? Hold the Xbox Ones power button for 10 seconds. Let it boot up again and give it another go.

Hopefully this helps

Thanks alot for the suggestion, done the hard reset and tried the game again but still gets stuck at the same place.

Any other ideas?

As awesome as the intro is, i’m fed up of it now as I’ve seen it so many times.


Already tried this:

  • Delete BOTH savegames, the local one on the XB1 and the savegame in the cloud ?

  • Update the XB1 to the newest firmware ?

  • Update the gamepad to the newest firmware ?

  • Press the buttons when the game is β€œstuck” having the gamepad connected via USB ?

  • Reset the whole XB1 to factory settings ?

Thanks for all your suggestions! My software was all up to date, but looks like deleting the game save done it, i redone the intro and i noticed this time it went to night time, then on te car selection it didnt get stuck :joy::joy:. Thanks again, now i can play on

Hi There,

Thanks for the advice, i’ll try all that and let you know asap.

Thanks a lot,


Buy a physical copy next time

Haha yeah well, i didnt cheap out, i actually paid more. My thinking was, with a physical copy you have to install it and use the disc, but digital i dont have to keep swapping discs :wink:

Well this is bad information.

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I thought it was useful…

You’re welcome ^^

Have fun !!!
It’s a great game !