FORZA frustration

Having been a FORZA fanatic for several years, I was slightly disappointed with 5, this lead me to pledge some of my allegiance to PCARS.

Yes, before anyone jumps down my throat it too, has its its problems, but hey they havnt had ten years to get it right!

So having spent a good year enjoying PCARS I decided to try 6… is there anyone in the “turn ten office” that actually stops, gets off the rollercoaster and thinks about what frustrates people?

Please can someone tell me how you can create a racing game where “racers” can constantly cut the track with out any form of penalty.

I love the league system, its great… but what ever happened to being able to set up a race series with people you actually want to race with.

Of course it looks great. etc etc, but come on have some thought… its a racing game… save all the silly cutting track options for “Horizon”

Sadly my disappointment will certainly draw me back to the release of PCARS 2.


ps if you want to race in a club envioronment with no cheats cutting track check out -

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Sadly, I think Turn 10 just wants to keep as many people playing as possible. If there were penalties for cutting the track or a swift punishment system for blatant wreckers, it would discourage a lot of the newbies and trolls from playing. Turn 10 has done pretty much everything they can do w/o having to resort to flagrant banning and shunning of certain players. They don’t want to be the reason why someone decided not to play anymore, and ultimately losing them money. Wreckers and corner cutters will always be a sour byproduct of this game’s paradox, in that it wants to be called a “serious racing game”, yet it tries to appeal to the masses. The general gaming community will never respect racing games at the level that we here in the forums do, therefore they will never subscribe to the unofficial rule book we call “racing etiquette”.

The only way to get rid of the wrecker population for good is to shun them completely from this game, and that would be too costly for Turn 10.


There has been some attempt to stop the corner cutting with the addition of tyre walls to track. Everyone knows this wasn’t the best option, but maybe its the only option they had other than drastically re writing code and editing track data

I actually like the tire walls, if people don´t dom it well, they better start respecting limits.

In PCARS you can turn off penalties also.

Hmm…why after 10 years could T10 not think of a penalty system that can be turned on/off?

Then they could have had a little less grievances from the community. Simply turn on for leagues, maybe division based, and turned off for regular hoppers, perhaps even class based on the latter.

Name a game that has one that works.

You’re being so ungrateful. While other, lesser games make it boringly straightforward for players to organise their own lobbies so that they can race against other likeminded players, Turn10 instead chose to bless us with the Find A Decent Lobby metagame. For free.

That’s the trouble with gamers nowadays, they want everything to be easy. As soon as something is a bit challenging, such as finding a lobby that doesn’t massively suck, they’re just not interested.


Trying to sit quietly in a doctors waiting room and this literally mademe laugh out loud

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After much playing Forza 6 for almost 1 year, and lvl 927, and now that bought F1 2016 I can not understand why we can not have a punishment system like F1 2016. It’s very strange ride in Abu Dhabi and Barcelona in F1 for example and not see that ton of pile of tires e making the track ugly in Forza 6.

Forza 6 is an amazing game and need some kind of pinishment like the F1 game.

Also the dinamic weather is incredible. Make me like :open_mouth:

Forza can do a lot better… Looking forward for the next release!

Well there is no punishment, but you go to Dubai track in PCARS and see by how far you can infring track limits.

Regarding the weather, it´s not dynamic as we would like, but i prefer a pre-baked weather that is accurate and well implemented as in FM6 than something dynamic that doesn´t work as it should.
When i drive in real lifein rainy days, i always remeber FM wet tracks.

I agree that FM can and MUST do a lot better, but it is a great game and a great product, while PCARS is a great simulator, good product but an awful game where you can´t even set up controller, tire physics are flawed, tracks surfaces are not accurate… i like it though.

Yes, Forza 6 is a great amazing and master piece game in my opinion.

But man, I don´t agree with you about weather. Please, check and try the F1 2016 and you will understand what I´m talking about… The weather system in F1 WORK as it should and you may be amazed. Check it, you will not regret.

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I didn´t try it but i believe in your opinion, because i´ve tried the 2012 game when it came out, and it was awesome weather for the time, so it can only become better.

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Turn 10 would do good by copying a lot of things from F1 2016 (and Pcars) and implementing them into FM, especially dynamic weather. Baked in weather is so out of date, gran turismo 4 did that like 10 years ago. Dynamic seems to be the standard among most genres now a days, especially racing.

Same goes with these “baked in” views they have. In most of the other games I play they give me the freedom to adjust the views to how I want. I like to use cockpit view, but in Forza I’m stuck with what ever they give me, and half the time they are terrible. So i’m forced to use hood view most of the time, and don’t even get my started about the player quit message in hood view.

I could go on and on, but the main thing for me is the lack of freedom in this game. The power should be within the players to decide what they want to do, not be dictated in the form of lobbies by some people in Redmond, Washington. On last gen consoles it was easy to find like minded players and have a good time with the user created lobbies, now they make you jump through hoops for that sort of thing.

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Such simple things could make the game work better.

A Vote to Kick that actually works for one!

A more robust way of reporting crashers for another, can’t expect one chap to do a whole worldwide worth of idiots in his spare time all the time.

Plus track cutting penalties as listed.

I’m back off to cloud cuckoo land now with my ideas…