Forza Community Members, We Want To Hear From You!

Just sharing this survey I stumbled across incase anyone is interested.

don’t know what personal data they want to collect
and looks like its only for xbox owners

did you tried it? is it FH5 related?

I updated the link. The survey appears to be for all Forza players on all platforms. The personal data is your country and age which is optional. There are a few good questions such as do you feel the devs listen to your feedback.

for that reason i’ve done it

as a ffb-wheel user who prefers cockpitview the devs may guess my answer…

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Not a single question on what can we do to improve the game.

We have a whole section of the forums dedicated to Suggestions - please vote on existing ideas and contribute your own there.

Not sure why they asked for my music/TV preferences…I have no clue why PGG/T10 would find that useful


Maybe they’re going to update the radio :slight_smile:
I want to know how I’m supposed to pick the top 5; it’s different every day


buried in the basement, down the hall, past the door with the sign on it that says “beware the leopard”

It’s not exactly front and center.

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Marketing. It gives them data on what other things we do, so they can spend ad dollars advertising in those areas.

That would be cool

I already did this survey and I’m sure they were not very happy with my honest opinions. I didnt just mark everything as terrible, I gave tgem props where deserved. Overall,I’d say I gave them a 4.4 out of 10 overall at the time. They are still struggling to keep 5+ tho.

Survey crashed while I was doing it, so I haven’t been able to even complete it.

Its an oldish Micosoft survey they outsourced. It crashed for me right at the end as well. Yeah,I took it once before but wanted to see if it was different. It is different in one way, it no longer asks if you wanted to be a Community Panel member like the first one I took did, which I apparently did not qualify for :joy:


That’s disappointing to hear. Makes me think the survey is pointless if they are asking the same questions and not acting upon it.

Please fix the glitch of Treasure Hunt ASAP, just update but version is same, still no help. Car Pass update to June, Collection up to 595.

If I remember correctly, there was some extra questions as well. I know they asked about customer support and if they were helpful, well. I’m sure you can figure out my answer to that joke of a question. I was hoping one of the responses was “We’ll just mark this one solved”.


I’m disappointed that listing five favorite bands, movies and tv shows are REQUIRED to complete the survey. I don’t really watch movies, or any relevant tv shows so I wasn’t able to complete the survey.


I simply wrote


For each of them. Ha!


You only had to fill in 1 movie and 1 song, not all 5.