Forza 7 Problems

Hello everyone

I encountered problems with the competitions on the shared screen:

  • Do not feel the engines
  • The wheels do not rotate
  • the guidelines disappear
  • Ranking and position disappear

Then I noticed that I can not access the marketplace, I can not download the hooningan pack having preordered the game on gamestop, when wagering on the free play does not make me driveavatar more, the forzathon is still locked as well as the alloys.

I hope these problems are solved because it would be a pity because the game is beautiful.

Thank you

Console Xbox One

What competitions? What is the shared screen?
What do you mean feel the engine?, is this the rumble vibration or sound?

The marketplace is not available yet.
Forzathon is locked for everyone.

Concerning alloys, what is locked about them? if you mean to paint them then you have to buy aftermarket alloys first, but other than that they should not be locked.

“wagering on the free play does not make me driveavatar more”
What does this mean, are you meaning mods, if so it does not affect your drivatar at all.

And which alloys do you mean?
The hoonigan pack was for digital purchase, only.

Sorry i was wrong to translate:

“wagering on the free play does not make me driveavatar more”

I meant that it did not make me driveavatar anymore, As for engines, I do not feel the sound of engines, as if there was no audio.

For shared screen I mean when playing with another player on the same console

I hope I have explained and still apologize for my poor English

OK now I understand.
I tried the split screen 2player mode and it wasn’t a good experience. There seems to be several issues in this game mode.
I had sound issues and slow down, I don’t really know why they included it.

I’m imagining it will be a better experience on the Xbox One X.