Forza 7 email survey.

I received an email from Microsoft turn 10 Studios to do a survey on Forza 7 Motorsports I found the survey very interesting and informative. I filled it out to the best of my ability with my sincere and honest awnsers. I’m just curious how many others received this survey and if you took the time to fill it out. Thank you sincerely Keith giffy

Didn’t receive one yet.

Got it last week.

Standard sort of MS survey. Was more about purchase preferences and perceived value.

Also had an NDA so why are you talking about it here?

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No it doesn’t. It’s just a mass mailed survey.

None disclosure is entirely different to their standard privacy policy. There wasn’t anything in the survey to “disclose” - they share absolutely zero information.


I guess some cannot read or just ignored the fine print - LOL!

Yes, it did have an NDA.

Perhaps there’s more than one survey. I’ve just gone back into mine and there’s nothing other than the link to the MS privacy policy and there’s nothing in that relating to ND.


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I did it a week ago. Some of the questions made no sense.

No one talks about confidential info but only about receiving and completing a survey that is not confidential.

Standard stuff. Emails went out for other Forza games as well in the past.

Mine said do not share this survey or even mention it’s existence. It stated it quite clearly.



Not clear enough :joy:


Well, as you’ve mentioned it and confirmed that it exists let’s hope men in black suits don’t pay you a visit :slight_smile:

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I’m sure that NDA was worth the paper it was written on.

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I replied in message to someone who’d already let the cat out of the back. I also notified mods but as they didn’t close this thread, i guess it’s ok.

Did you mean let out of the “BAG”?

Maybe he keeps his bag out back.