Forza 4 All Progress Gone??

OK, I haven’t booted this game in probably 3 years. The last achievement was 5/22/12. I made it to level 40 and completed the 8th season.

I bought the Season Pass today since it’s on sale. When I went to boot the game and load my save from the cloud it took me to a brightness screen which wasn’t a good sign.

I went through that and the initial one lap race. Then it said it found a LVL 29 Forza 3 profile would I like to import that which I did. I actually thought it was saying it found my Forza 4 profile.

At any rate I still have my save file on the harddrive (non cloud version) dated in 2012. I’m thinking I never used the cloud for saves which is why I don’t have progress when loading from the cloud.

So I load the save file from the harddrive, same exact thing, do the initial one lap race, finds LVL 29 Forza 3 save. I exited to the dashboard.

So I still have my original save from 2012, but it doesn’t seem to load my progress.

I don’t get a message that anything is corrupt, there is no yellow exclamation point in the storage area. I never seen the error message that the save was tampered with (I think this is in regards to being banned).

I did my research, but can’t find anyone who had the same situation as me without a corrupt file or being banned. Any help greatly appreciated.

I’m in the same exact boat. Everything is gone! I was around level 50 I believe. Always used the cloud for my save, the created date on my file was from 2011. Booted the game and everything is gone, back to level 0. All my money is gone, all my cars gone. Everything is gone and I’m highly pissed. I bought the car pass as well to boost my garage so I could get some more Forza 6 perks. I really hope someone can help.

I wanted to add as I just thought of this. I formatted my harddrive recently. I moved my Forza files to the internal 4GB and moved it back to the harddrive when I was done. Trying to provide as much info as I can.

Do not use the cloud for FM2-FM3-FM4-FH-FH2 saves on your 360 - the copy protection on the saves can cause bad things to happen with the cloud.

Is there any chance you copied your save instead of moving it?

Pretty sure that would kick in the tampered profile system. I’ve played all the forza’s on the Xbox & 360 & not experienced any save issues. I know they happen but not sure how often it’s software or user issue.

When exiting forza always back out of the game to the point where the demo is likely to kick in before dashboarding or turning off. I’d also say it probably doesn’t take all that long to go through 8 seasons if you want the bucket list you’re in for a serious time commitment.

Thanks, I won’t anymore.

Honestly I did try to copy it today, but a message came up telling me I cannot copy it.

So I checked the internal memory 4GB, Internal Harddrive (250GB) and External Drive (500GB) and I only have the save file on the internal harddrive. It’s stabacadaver save file 8MB.

It’s not corrupted or anything. No error message when I ask to save to the internal drive it just seems to want me to start a new career.

I never go far enough that it saved over my original save file. I’m going to try to clear the cache for the heck of it.

Really hoping I don’t have to start over as my backlog is just too large these days.

I lost my account also but I had let a friend borrow the game n while he was borrowing it my hard drive got fried n I lost all my forza 4 stuff cars vinals everything n I really want that stuff back I got a hard drive so I can play the game again but I really want my stuff back to play it. I’m wondering if there’s any way I can get it back so I can have fun n enjoy the game like I used to.